Our Sites

Degraded sites, Urban sites, compact sites, ecologically sensitive sites, cultural rich environments . These comprise our conditions . We believe that landscape can transform . Celebrate the uniqueness of the place .

Power of the place


Regional Landscapes


Our approach

South Asian Landscapes are unique. Our approach. We believe in this approached, rooted to context and culture and discovering and celebrating the everyday beauty . Genius of the place the ability to be .

Beauty, Pleasure is as imporaant . Using an ecosystem based approacj

Eastern Philosophy

Our Process:

We believe in a hands on approach to landscape. While we do develop , we believe that landscape is . Availability of local plant materials, charater we contsntly develop and refine our ideas. Site and

Crafting Landscapes that evoke a visceral response, that . “Landscape as  an invisible connector, when the human hand is invisible” a mystic progress that transends. Athlough logics numeric , a deep visceral and intuitive reaction to context and

Landscapes have the ability to improve human conditions, wellness , spirituality peace and mysticism. The primordial need to be connected to the environment.

A value based system, designing with kindness and compassion, inclusivity deep respect for the environment.

Knowledge in the vernacular

Beauty in the Everyday Ordinary

Going back to our roots

Value in the slow, simple and deep rooted

Economy of Resouces

Creation contextual Landscapes that celebrates the unique beauty of each place

Celebrate and

Systemic Approach

Holistic Approach

Value System Based approach

Deep rooted, Connected to a place, value system

Soulful Beauty Viscral Engagement and

Giving Back

VSLA believes in the power of design to change the environment and consistently works on probono projects of public interest. Actively involved in

Projects Namma Park, Village Pond